The Owners

In 2011, the owner opened Wilda's on Placer Street as a counter-serve hot dog stand. Wilda's quickly became a huge hit, with people lined up for their chance to taste the famous Buddha bowl and other favorites. In 2013, Wilda's was voted Best of the North State, placing first in Best Lunch, Best Meal for the Money, and Best Vegetarian. Having outgrown the downtown location, they moved to a new location on Churn Creek in 2016. The owner has since opened a second location downtown, making their famous local specials available to customers on both sides of the Sacramento River.

Wilda's Grill has become a local sensation.

The Buddha Bowl

How it came to be...

Several years before opening Wilda's Grill, The owner was looking for more meal options for her diet. She came up with a spicy concoction of cabbage, brown rice, red beans, chicken or tofu, jalapenos, and cilantro topped with a garlic chili aouli and a sesame and soy-based dressing.

When they opened Wilda's Grill, they decided to add her concoction to the menu. Having no name for it, they dubbed it the Buddha Bowl and offered it as an option on their menu. Their original focus was to have a simple hot dog counter-serve featuring their signature spicy Wilda's Mustard.

To their surprise, the Buddha Bowl became an instant hit and overtook their other menu items. The Buddha Bowl is a healthy and delicious meal-in-one, with protein, veggies, and grains in one affordable dish.

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